Friday, January 31, 2014

Gooblygunk traps of Crumplehope and Damperglee

if you are deep in a forest and stumble across
the gooblygunk trap of 
crumplehope and damperglee,
and they tag-team you and tie you
to the trunk of a gunkyfunk tree,
let me be with you.

let our hands clasp each other
and we'll break through the rope,
we will rumble and tumble 
with crumplehope and damperglee
until they will have
no choice but
flee ...

i will stand with you, 
hand in hand,
we will scrape off the gunkyfunk
and set the tree free.

having nowhere left to go, the gooblygunk trap 
of crumplehope and damperglee
will crash into the wind
who will know just where to blow
to let all of us
be ...

i will stand with you here,
clasping hands ever so right - 

for our strength is our love and our hope and our glee ...

*James Thurber wrote a short story called the Turtle Who Conquered Time. I borrowed his words, crumplehope and damperglee, and wrote the above poem for when my friends are caught in the gooblygunk traps. 

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