Friday, November 9, 2012

The homeless American President?

Right. Election is over. Obama for four more years. I am okay with that, although I'm pretty darn happy that now I don't have to hear everyone talk about how everyone else is a liar for a while. That's nice. Went to the library and there is apparently a small population of homeless people in this here google-town, Mountain View. A guy pulled up on a bike, talked to another guy who was sitting at the bench next to me waiting for the library to open.
Guy on bike was wearing sandals, blue sweats and had a head piece attached to a tape recorder. First thing he says,

"So I'm sick of all these googlers who don't even know where Escuela Street is. I mean, they move here, drive to work everyday, back and forth, and never even know what street they are on. So much for google maps."

"Yeah, man, I know what you mean." Says guy on bench.

"I'm tired of it. I mean, they can't even figure out where their polling station is. How stupid can you be? Get out and look at where you live!" Recorder guy's peripatetic eyes scan the passerby's.

"Did ya vote?" guy on bench glances up from his copy of the November 6 Daily News

"Yeah, I did. No good choices though. I wish it were like the good ole days. You know who my favorite President was? The ONLY President who never had an address, who parked his horse right there outside the White House."

"Who was that?" Inquires guy on bench.

"Zachary Taylor. Now that's a man I would vote for. The guy actually knew what it was like to be a person in this country."

Guy with tape recorder says,

"You know, I voted yes on Prop 30 because I trust Brown [Governer Jerry Brown]. He's the only one in Sacramento who drives around in an old beat-up truck like a normal human being. I trust a man like that.'

Guy on bench jumps out of his seat, throws down his newspaper and says, "What! You like that idiot! None of these politicians can be trusted!"

"Yeah, man, I mean, he's not so bad." Guy with tape recorder leans forward to get it all on tape.

Guy on bench simmers a bit, and asks, "Where's the sign on the back of your bike? You get rid of it?"

"Oh, I stopped putting that up a while ago, helps me find places to sleep at night, because people don't follow me around now. I have a really slick system now. I stuff this sleeping bag I found into the back of my shirt, so I'm all stealth now. I can sleep anywhere."

Guy on bench, "Oh, that's nice. I miss your signs though."

Taperecorder guy, "Yeah, this town isn't the same that it used to be."

Guy on bench, "No, it's not. Rich googlers. That's what we have now."

Both walk into the library as the doors are just opening.

I like public places. Like libraries.


  1. Man... I can't even imagine what it must feel like to locals who were in the bay area before & after the tech boom. I would probably feel the same level of resentment if my little town changed into what Mountain View is today =/

  2. yeah, full disclosure: I had to go look up Escuela Street on Google maps:)